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DFW COnquest Leaders


Fr. Michael Picard, LC

Regional Youth Director


I Was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana and joined the Legion in year 2000.  I Did my first 2 years of Novitiate in Cornwall, Canada which is were I later returned upon being ordained a Deacon in Rome.  I was ordained on the Feast Day of Our Lady Guadalupe 2011.  After spending these last 2 years in Canada, I now arrive here to Dallas as regional youth director.   I'm always seeking new adventures.  I know the only way to face our fears and weakness is to face them; there I was on the top of 20ft waterfall, though scared of heights making the jump.  We gotta challenge ourselves and rise up to new heights in our lives.  I look forward to my work here in Dallas and getting to know so many new people to bring them closer to Christ.


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